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Fiberglass pools have been around for nearly 50 years. Fiberglass pools are one piece, built in a factory, made of resins and finished with a gel coating. Fiberglass pools are made with a large selection of sizes, shapes and patterns. There are even options to add fiber optic lighting and in-floor cleaning systems. Splash Pool Services LLC in Wayne, MI are experts at fiberglass pools.


There are a few important things to keep in mind with fiberglass pools. First DO NOT DRAIN YOUR POOL! Fiberglass pools are designed to stay full of water at all times. Draining a fiberglass pool could cause the structure to buckle or crack from the ground pressure outside the pool. For proper operation keep you’re your pool’s water level in the center of your skimmer box.


Proper water chemistry is also very important with fiberglass pools. As with any pool, keeping the water levels such as PH, Alkalinity, Sanitizer and Calcium balanced will help the structure and equipment operate at their maximum potential.


If you have a crack or area on your fiberglass pool that needs repair, be sure to get it fixed by a professional right away. Splash Pool Services LLC does fiberglass repair and can help your pool look and operate at its best.


Give Splash Pool Services LLC in Wayne, MI a call today to learn more about Fiberglass Pools and repair.